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Throughout the years we have often come across projects that were either not designed practically or without full knowledge of the printing equipment being used and its capabilities. Similarly, a designer’s creativeness may not be appreciated or understood by the printer. Therefore, it is our goal to bridge this gap and, whenever necessary, offer alternatives to achieve the desired results. It’s always easier to make adjustments to the design stage, rather than at the production stage, and our experience of the printing industry can help anticipate any issues that may arise.

As an example, a multi color logo should also be designed to print in a single color as there are many instances where this is applicable. Additionally, when a specific PMS (Pantone Matching System) color is assigned it's important to understand that there will likely be a slight variance in the color depending on the printing process and method being used. Similarly, a specific color may not register correctly on the web as not all monitors are calibrated the same.

When designing printed collateral the key ingredient is in the ease of readibility. Choosing the right format, type styles, and images, will have a large impact in getting your message across. Additionally, paper and material selections are an integral part of the design process and, prior to production, we always pursue and submit quotations for available options that fit our clients budget. To schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your next design project please click here.